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What you get

  • Lab-tested quality In addition to developing commercial apps, we've built software for rehabilitation, audiology, and music psychology research. These apps were used to support many academic published works, and it's that "lab-tested" quality we bring to your projects.

  • Professional Having a development schedule you can count on is invaluable. With our background in professional and research-based development, we work with you to create achievable deadlines and then meet them, time and time again.

  • Communication You are excited about your project and so are we. As we build your iOS app, you are our top priority. Expect as much communication as you need, and we're always happy to provide advice, feedback, and encouragement.

  • Versatile We've built a wide array of apps, from the perfect wedding music player to signal processing tools for academic research. We bring that versatility and experience straight to your project, so that the only limit is your imagination.

  • Community Proudly based in Toronto, we value our local community and the fantastic academic research that's done here. To show you we mean it, we're happy to offer discounted rates to community and academic organizations.

Our portfolio

  • Waayeducation • music
    Waay teaches applied music theory, tailored for songwriting and built for D.I.Y. musicians. The app uses video lessons, interactive exercises, and progress-tracking tools to build skills that users can bring straight to their instrument and use.

  • hearEQeducation • music
    hearEQ is an ear-training app for musicians and sound engineers that builds equalizer (EQ) skills. The app applies custom audio effects to a track chosen by the user, prompting her to identify each change and then assigning a score.

  • LimitListmusic • entertainment
    LimitList is a music player for events that combines advanced playlist management with party-friendly features like song voting, locked playlists (optional) and a virtual photobooth.

  • ReactoButtonresearch • audiology
    Cochlear implants bring hearing to individuals with profound deafness. ReactoButton is a research app built for The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) that helps researchers measure reaction time in these individuals, generating custom reports.

  • Where's my spaceshipresearch • audiology
    Diagnosing the hearing health of children is a very important—but challenging—task. Where's my spaceship is a hearing tool developed for The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) that engages children with a game while carrying out advanced hearing analysis.

You have a vision. Let us help you build it. We bring a high standard of excellence, a professional approach, and real enthusiasm to your project. Let's get started.

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