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Learn music theory
Waay teaches music theory for songwriting—the stuff you can take to your instrument and use. Interactive exercises, video lessons, and tools to track your progress.
Interactive exercises
Learning is about practice, but practice needs to be fresh and exciting. Waay generates dynamic music theory exercises that are new every time.
Waay in action
Video lessons
Video lessons are geared towards songwriting, guiding you through notes, intervals, chords, progressions, and more. Each music theory lesson is just a few minutes long, letting you get back to the exercises fast.
What the experts say
  • "For those just starting out and particularly for budding songwriters, this would make a very neat and well organised introduction. There is plenty of material and the various lessons are nicely presented and easy to follow."
    –John Walden, Music App Blog

  • "I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that the app is pretty great! I'll definitely recommend it to my beginning harmony students. I love the layout and progression through the material. Very well thought through. Congrats on a great app!"
    –Damian Erskine (professional bassist, educational writer, adjunct professor at Portland State University)

  • "Having an app like Waay right on my iPad allows me to easily keep my skills honed…The app is very smooth, and a great resource for learning more about music theory."
    –Sean Garland, iOS MARS

  • "The video lessons are clear, and the interactive exercises are great for practising the different concepts. Whether you are a beginner or someone who wants to brush up on their music theory skills, I would recommend Waay!"
    –Lisa Chan (pianist, singer, and music instructor)

Track your progress
Use Waay's built-in tracking tools to keep track of your daily points, practice time, and recent music theory achievements.
You've learned a few chords on your instrument. Now what?
This is where Waay comes in. Learn how you can combine different notes into a chord, different chords into a progression, and much more.
Keep learning!
The first music theory course is completely free with the app—that's 8 video lessons and 9 interactive exercises—but more courses are always available, starting wth the second course in the series: "Chords."
Our user community
  • "This is a really helpful app. I have been an amateur musician for many years and your circle of fifths explanation is the best I've ever heard. Thanks for putting this app together and sharing it with the world!"
    –Tony Smith (amateur musician)

  • "Must have app for any musician and songwriter looking to bring their understanding of the music to the next level. Simple, easy to follow lessons and great exercises too. Love it!"
    –Mat Cote (5/5 stars)

  • "This app is awesome. Simple and fast."
    –MiloLovesMusic (5/5 stars)

  • "I found using Waay to be an enjoyable and efficient way to learn about music theory. It's awesome!"
    –Matt H., (guitarist and bassist)

  • "If only the theory class I dropped out of was as easy and engaging! This is definitely the best way to learn theory. Waay to go!"
    –Rob Davis (guitarist)

  • "Waay is the reason interactive learning is so much more compelling and effective than old style books and even videos. It's like having a teacher there to check your progress…After a week using Waay I was consistently getting scale answers right and now finally begin to see how to construct scales in my mind using the methods Waay illustrates. Waay comprises voiced/text instruction and a progression learning system. Buy it!"
    –feathers632 (5/5 stars)

  • "Finally! A practical approach to learning theory. Well done Waay!!"
    –The cool man wears pink (5/5 stars)

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Available now for iPhone and iPad!